About us​

Who we are​

We are a specialist team, who are experts in the field of developing and optimizing recipe formulations for the food processing industry, as meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, etc.

We have solutions to overcome even the most critical challenges.

What we can do for you​

  • Develop recipe formulations
  • Cost optimization through optimum utilization of raw materials and ingredients ​
  • Sensory evaluation – consistency/texture enhancing properties ​​
  • Extended product durability ​
  • Ensure food safety & shelf life stability​

Production facility​

Company info

Denico Food Ingredients

F. L. Smidths Vej 12

​8600 Silkeborg


CVR / VAT no. DK 31620260

Contact info

☎ Phone: +45 86 82 86 22

✉ E-mail: ingredients@denico.dk