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Optimized all-in-one solutions

designed to meet specific functional needs

MeatBlock H 590

Replaces meat with 5–15% for cost reduction

– developed for emulsified sausages.

MeatBlock PFAH 591

Replaces meat with 5–15% for cost reduction

– especially developed for Salami and Pepperoni type cured and

fermented products.

FatEmulsion 592

Reduce or replace animal fat in any emulsified or combined

meat product – replaces from 50% up to 100% animal fat in

end product.

DenEmul ColdSet XS

An outstanding all-round compound of high functional Alginate

blend. Gives a unique water and fat binding matrix in a

1:35:35 ratio.

DenBinder X-Link EP

Upgrades by-products into restructured meats, like steaks,

medallions and filets etc. The optimized composition of crosslinking

enzymes and high functional proteins makes DenBinder

one of the strongest meat binders available on the market.

DenTender Series

Powerful series of blends for brines for injection or tumbling

of fresh meat products - A multifunctional additive solution for

optimized performance.

DenBrine Series

A series of ready-to-use compounds for smoked and/or

cooked meat like hams, bacon, roastbeef and chicken products.

Gives high yield, perfect structure and great slice-ability.

DenSafe Series

A brine solution to obtain a fresh, safe and color stable product

with a long shelf-life.

DenMix Series

Complete solution for the making of combined meat products

like burgers, nuggets and kebab etc. DenMix offers a perfect

balance between texture and taste with a juicy mouth-fell.

DenLactate Series

Gives a longer shelf life to all meat applications, by

suppressing the growth of microorganisms. Comes in different

strengths and compositions for optimized shelf life extensions.

DenPro Series

A series of high functional animal protein solutions. Optimized

in composition to give the very best performance of water

binding capacity and/or emulsifying capacity depending on


DenProVeg Series

An innovative series of vegetable proteins combined with high

functional hydrocolloids. Gives the opportunity to make high

extension meat products with a stable and high quality, and to

have a cost reduction at the same time.

DenCarr Series

Our DenCarr solutions are all characterized by the high

functional Carrageenan’s used in combination with other

selected hydrocolloids. With the solutions high water holding

properties it is easy to make a cost reduction in meat products,

and at the same time still keep a high eating quality and a

safe meat product.

Denico also delivers functional ingredients, additives, spices and flavour compounds as single ingredients:

    • Carrageenan's
    • Alginates
    • LBG
    • Xanthan
    • Proteins - Pork, Beef and Chicken
    • Proteins - vegetable
    • Sodium Ascorbate
    • Starches
    • Salts
    • Fibres
    • Lactate
    • Phosphates
    • Dextrose


The secret of the perfect product
Denico Food Ingredients has a series of innovative and unique solutions for the meat & poultry industry.
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Denico Food ingredients is proud to announce the grand opening of the new production facility Cublend B.V. in Holland
Cublend is a production facility for dry powder components like spice mixes, herbs and ingredients compounds, and is owned by two partners; Berkenhof Beheer B.V. and Denico Food Ingredients ApS.
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Growing interest in solutions from Denico Food Ingredients
Denico Food Ingredients is now expanding its exports of functional HALAL solutions to the Meat & Poultry processing industry throughout Europe and Middle East
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