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Technical Support

Technical support for customers is a key word in Denico

We focus on delivering a "package solution" together with our ingredients. In light of our year-long experience in the meat application area, we work very process-oriented with our customers, because we are aware that the ingredients from our side only are a part of the "jigsaw puzzle" to get the best result. Therefore, we are working more broadly with the task of optimizing the quality, taste, texture, cost savings, shelf life, etc., by involvement of the entire process from raw material, through optimization of process and the recipes’ until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Our motto and approach to emerging issues is: "It may depend on a test"

By the basis of the theory in the technical area of food science and mate it with our practical experience, we often run some smaller scale experiments in the meat laboratory (Pilot Plant) before running larger tests at the customer. This gives a very high success rate, which makes that together we can take a decision on a well-documented basis. We have learned that only the best technical solution gives a resale and doing that together we can move forward to the next issue with another long-life solution.

If there is a technical challenge at your place, please contact us for an informal review of possible solutions


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