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Denico Food Ingredients

is a Danish based family-owned
ingredient company

We develop and manufacture functional
innovative solutions of ingredients,
additives, spices and flavor compounds.”

We are experts in developing and
optimizing recipe formulations for the
Meat & Poultry processing industry.”

We have solutions to overcome even
the most critical challenges.”

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Til forside
Til forside
Cublend is a production facility for dry powder components like spice mixes, herbs and ingredients compounds, and is owned by three partners; Berkenhof Beheer B.V., Denico Food Ingredients ApS and Ronijco Invest B.V.
Denico Food Ingredients has a series of innovative and unique solutions for the meat & poultry industry.
Denico Food Ingredients is now expanding its exports of functional HALAL solutions to the Meat & Poultry processing industry throughout Europe and Middle East.

Phone: +45 8682 8622



Fax: +45 8682 8621

CVR / VAT no. DK 31620260

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Denico ApS

F.L. Smidths Vej 12

8600 Silkeborg