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Marinated whole meats

We deliver customized brine solutions for injection and tumbling of whole meat muscles, like:

  • Marinated filet of loin, ham or roasts of fresh meats
  • Loin - smoked and cooked
  • Ham - smoked and/or cooked
  • Gammon
  • Smoked pork back fat
  • Bacon
  • Beef brisket / Roast beef
  • etc.

Brine mixtures can be individually adapted by, for example, to replace phosphate and MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), but still maintain a good yield and a good taste.

Within these product categories, we have extensive experience and success in optimizing the yield / losses ratio, so as to achieve a satisfactory and consistent product quality related to cost.


The secret of the perfect product
Denico Food Ingredients has a series of innovative and unique solutions for the meat & poultry industry.
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Denico Food ingredients is proud to announce the grand opening of the new production facility Cublend B.V. in Holland
Cublend is a production facility for dry powder components like spice mixes, herbs and ingredients compounds, and is owned by two partners; Berkenhof Beheer B.V. and Denico Food Ingredients ApS.
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Growing interest in solutions from Denico Food Ingredients
Denico Food Ingredients is now expanding its exports of functional HALAL solutions to the Meat & Poultry processing industry throughout Europe and Middle East
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