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We know how to utilize the power of functional ingredient solutions in knowledgeable formulations by optimizing yield, food safety, shelf life stability and to reduce cost in new developed and optimized products.

Owner and Director of Denico Food Ingredients, Dennis Petersen, has a background in the meat industry as a butcher, Food Technologist and "Food Business Engineer", and is a previous employee at Novozymes and DuPont (formerly Danisco) as responsible for technical sales support for optimal use of functional ingredients for the meat & poultry industry.
Dennis Petersen has been self-employed with technical support and sales of food ingredients since 2001.

The specialist team at Denico are experts in the field of developing and optimizing recipe formulations for the meat and poultry processing industry. We have solutions to overcome even the most critical challenges.


The secret of the perfect product
Denico Food Ingredients has a series of innovative and unique solutions for the meat & poultry industry.
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Denico Food ingredients is proud to announce the grand opening of the new production facility Cublend B.V. in Holland
Cublend is a production facility for dry powder components like spice mixes, herbs and ingredients compounds, and is owned by two partners; Berkenhof Beheer B.V. and Denico Food Ingredients ApS.
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Growing interest in solutions from Denico Food Ingredients
Denico Food Ingredients is now expanding its exports of functional HALAL solutions to the Meat & Poultry processing industry throughout Europe and Middle East
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